New! Martin Miller signature model!

This monster is designed for guitarist like Martin Miller, who loves real tube amp sound and need versatile tone to cover anything from jazz to metal.

This pedal has 2 subminiature tubes inside:

 and 3 channels, clean, crunch and lead.

Clean channel combines 2 sound ideas: Vox and Dumble! Martin loves Vox cleans, but I know Vox type tone controls are not suitable for a pedal, so I REDESIGNED tone stack part to a Dumble-like one.

CRUNCH tone is based on a Landau lead tone -open, detailed and dynamic tube overdrive tone, no matter wether you are a fan of single coils or humbuckers, if you love classic Marshall tone, this crunch channel will be your favorite!

LEAD channel : I design this channel for a high gain lead, but you can find a great modern rhythm tone just like a modern high gain all tubes amplifier. some of these modern tube amplifiers are not good in conjunction with single coil pickups, but this channel is not one of them, It's goal is tight, focus and non-compressed lead tone.